ProStemCell (Hong Kong)


ProStemCell is a unique international private stem cell company established in Hong Kong. It has been formed by a group of scientists, researchers, doctors, specialists and technical consultants with extensive knowledge and experience in stem cell technologies.


The ProStemCell group has recognized the therapeutic value of stem cells that can improve the quality of life in many conditions. Unlike other stem cell banks, the private storage of stem cells must be intimately linked to strategic research and pre-clinical treatment studies, which can develop faster new therapies for patient.


In addition, ProStemCell has a strong research connection with Monash University in Australia, which allows us to import the latest technologies, reagents and potential applications from all around the world. Our experts and medical specialists have long standing affiliations with Hong Kong Hospitals and have agreed to jointly develop new stem cell therapies for clinical applications.

14/F, Prat Commercial Building, 17-19 Prat Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, H.K.

(852) 3184 0001

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